Students take part in science camp during summer break

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) First through sixth grade students are exploring beyond the classroom this week
They're learning a thing or two about the wildlife around them in science camp.

The camp is put on by Michigan Tech's Science and Environmental Outreach program.

"It's a fun, outdoor, hands on camp and it's not meant to be school like it's very experiential and the kids really enjoyed it last year and so we're offering it again this year," said program coordinator, Joan Chadde.

Students were looking for signs of animals by studying their footprints of squirrels, rabbits, frogs and more at the Nara Nature

Then ventured into the woods to find their tracks.

Some say they're looking forward to more of what the camp has to offer.

"I like all the different shapes and sizes and the pretty flowers and I really like animals," said student Julia Jeon.

Some students put on their wet boots and head to the edge of Portage Lake on Michigan Tech's Campus to look for micro organisms.

They were using Ipads to capture what they've found.

"We studied a spider, and a tadpole and many different insects and flowers," said student Paige Lahti.

Students will continue to learn through out the week in the summer science camp.

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