Students, staff celebrate last day of school at Sandy Knoll Elementary

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 3:27 PM EDT
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On Wednesday, teachers and staff of Sandy Knoll Elementary school in Marquette held a drive-by goodbye to celebrate their students' last day of school.

Peggy Lagina, Physical Education & Technology Teacher organized the year-end parade to highlight the end of this bizarre school year.

"This is a celebration that we made it. We want them to be able to drive by and see all of the familiar faces at their school one last time for the year. We’re trying to end on a high note during these times when we just don't know. It's also a way to send off our fifth graders one final time,” Lagina announced.

Of course, while Wednesday was the last official day of school at Sandy Knoll, students haven't physically been in the school in nearly three months.

"We didn't expect March 12 to be the last time they would ever set foot in the school for that given school year. I have with me my first-grader and that was the last time she ever set foot inside the school as a first grader," Lagina declared.

Lagina says contending with coronavirus has been difficult at times, for the students and teachers. But Sandy Knoll Strong has been a theme throughout the past three months.

"It's been part of our theme the whole time. We are all in this together and we support each other. And we truly miss our Sandy knoll family,” Lagina asserted.

As for next year, Lagina says it’s anybody’s guess.

"We have no idea at this point what next year is going to look like. But we have been working extremely hard to plan for pretty much every scenario that could possibly come up so that we have as prepared as we possibly can be and we're there for our students and letting them know that it's going to be different one way or another but we're here and we are a family," Lagina shared.

Meantime, Lagina wants everyone to continue to read, explore, stay active and stay healthy, physically and mentally.

"Movement does matter. Getting out one way or another it does not have to be going for a run for a mile. It doesn't have to be playing a specific sport. It's just getting out there, begin active. Reading together is so important. But mostly enjoying that family time together. This is such a trying time right now. Community, friendship and family just increase those bonds," Lagina recommended.