Students perform baseline impact concussion test Friday at Westwood High School

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WEST ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - When playing any demanding sport, there always is a possibility of getting a concussion. But, there are tools to help those athletes who get them.

Summer days are coming to an end, which means the start of schools’ athletic seasons are near.

This is everyone's favorite time of year, but it it does come with a cost, not only with tickets but also regarding student athletes' health, especially when it comes to getting concussions.

"There's a big chance especially in volleyball if someone spikes the ball at your head and you're not quick enough to block it with your hands,” said Westwood High School volleyball player, Maggie Boburka.

Boburka says a player could be in big trouble for this reason and many more when playing the sport.

"Also, you can fall and hit your head because it is on a gym floor,” she added.

Fortunately, this hasn't happened to Boburka in volleyball but one of her teammates wasn't as lucky.

"We actually had one person get hit by a ball, and get a slight concussion.”

She understands this comes when playing any demanding sport; but Athletic Trainer Holly Boburka explains if these Westwood High School students and a team of medical professionals can prepare themselves for this situation now through this baseline impact concussion test, which the students took on Friday, it can produce greater results for everyone down the road.

"This testing is very important because it gives us a normal baseline when they're healthy of where they are at so if they were to get a concussion through their sport we have something to refer back to so that we use it as a tool to clear them to get back into their sport,” said Holly Boburka.

The computerized test, which is also done by pro-athletes, takes about thirty minutes.

"It’s a very simple program that is easy for the athletes to do,” she explained.

Once complete, their results are sent throughout database for medical staff to access in the case a concussion was to happen in any of the Westwood High School students and to make sure they're ready to return to the court or field.