Students participate in 'Financial Reality Fair'

MANISTIQUE, Mich. (WLUC) - Juniors and seniors from Manistique High School, Manistique Alternative, Big Bay de Noc and Engadine, attended the fourth annual Financial Reality Fair Thursday. The students start by picking a career, and from there have to budget with their projected salary.

"The point of this is good budgeting, but it's also to wake them up and show that our money doesn't go as far as you think it does,” said Mike Powers, a teacher at MHS. “So somebody may see that their budget is over what they need, so they go back, and get a smaller car."

They'll have to pay for rent, food, transportation, as well as other things like clothes, internet, and even some curveballs.

"A lot of the expenses were a lot bigger than I expected them to be, so it was kind of a shock there," said senior Sydny Peterson.

Limestone Federal Credit Union approached Manistique High School four years ago to start the fair, wanting to help teens in the area learn more about managing their finances so they make good decisions after high school.

"We really want everyone to grow up having as many opportunities available to them and so we feel like the fair just plays a small part in a bigger picture," said Limestone Federal Credit Union student outreach coordinator Alycia Kaiser.

Speaking to students, it seems like the fair is doing a good job of stressing the importance of smart financial practices.

"This was a really big eye opener for me to see how much money can just be spent," said senior Lexi Hulle.

Limestone Federal Credit Union and Manistique High School plan to keep hosting the fair annually.

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