Students learn about safe winter driving

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Freshmen and sophomores at Escanaba Senior High School attended an assembly Thursday on the importance of safe winter driving.

This comes after Escanaba was chosen as the recipient of a grant through the “Strive 4 a Safer Drive” initiative.

“It’s a teen driving initiative aimed at reducing serious crashes in our most inexperienced drivers, which are our children, our teenagers, quite frankly,” said Lisa Valentine, the initiative’s advisor.

The assembly hit on topics such as winter tires, driving tips, and crash statistics.

Michigan State Police Trooper, Lisa Kanyuh, was in attendance to share her winter driving expertise.

“That’s basically what we’re here for. We’re here to give them some tips, help them slow down and hopefully reach their destination safely,” Kanyuh said.

Other guest speakers spoke about crash statistics, winter tires and tire tread, and winter roads and their conditions.

Kanyuh adds that this assembly is important, due to the number of winter crashes that occur every year.

“It’s really important to just give them little tips of the trade that they can remember and hopefully execute as they’re driving this winter season,” Kanyuh added.

Valentine adds that keeping everyone safe on the roads is a community effort, especially when it comes to mentoring new drivers.

“Winter driving is in our own backyard and quite frankly, we need to learn and teach these kids, and I think that it’s just a community embracing them, a community saying ‘hey, I care about you,’” Valentine said.

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