Student in Negaunee High School fight expelled

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - A Negaunee High School Freshman has been expelled for one year after an assault that took place on February 14th. The student attacked a classmate in the locker room while other students watched. Another student recorded the altercation and uploaded it to social media. That student was suspended and will return to class on Monday. The Negaunee School Board came to the decision after hearing from the parents of the victim as well as the parents of the assailant. The School Board hopes students, parents, and staff can learn from this incident so it'll never happen again.

“We have a great school,” said Superintendent Dan Skewis. “This was a very unfortunate incident. We know it was serious, but it doesn't define us. People want to come to Negaunee Public Schools because we enforce rules and we look out for kids. We have staff that care about kids, and our students look out for each other. Even though this incident was unfortunate and it was serious, we're going to overcome this and it's going to turn into a positive, and we're going to be fine. That's just who we are.”

The assailant was given an expulsion of 180 school days, meaning he can return to Negaunee High School around this time next year.

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