Stormy Kromer offers new branding for all states, UP

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IRONWOOD, Mich. (WLUC) - Stormy Kromer may have originated in 1903, but the warm, wool hat is still finding ways to improve after all these years.

The original black and red hat brand has expanded since CEO Bob Jacquart bought the company in 2001. Stormy Kromer now sells hats in all different colors, expanded styles, and has even branched out to other types of clothing.

One unique item this year is a branded hat that comes in all 50 states. The Michigan hat has two styles - one with only the Upper Peninsula and the other with the full state silhouette. This hat, in particular, really embodies how big an impact the company has across the United States.

"The whole plaid thing, the whole wool thing, the whole Upper Peninsula warm, keep yourself warm in the hearty cold Upper Peninsula weather, that's kind of who we are and what we've become. The hat has become iconic for so many people and we see it around the country now. We've got friends all over the country because this hat just kind of reminds them of cold and warm, being warm and snuggling, and we're just very proud of where everything's gone so far," says Stormy Kromer CEO Bob Jacquart.

There are a number of stores in the U.P. where you can get Stormy Kromer apparel: Mitch’s Trading Post, Abelman Clothing & Footwear, Gustafson’s Smoked Fish, Settlers Co-Op, Copper World Inc. of Calumet DBA, Northwoods Flooring and Rustic Décor, Laughing Loon, Crystal Falls Trading Co., Bella Fiore Greenhouse & Gifts LLC, Sunes Food Center, Island Flowers, MI Upper Hand, Mr. Bike-Ski & Fitness, Superior Hardware LLC, Frobergs Clothing, 906 Outdoors, Michigan Tech Campus Bookstore, Pat’s Foods/ACE Hardware, Surplus Outlet-Houghton, The Drug Store, Northwoods Wilderness Outfitters, Bigari’s Ace Hardware, Hobby Wheel Inc., The Mad Capper, Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, Wilderness Sports, Treasure City Inc., Getz’s Department Store, Touch of Finland, Wind Rose North Ltd., Camp 33 Inc., Foster’s Hardware Inc., UP Trading Company, Norway Mercantile, Nonesuch Gallery, Polar Bear Productions, Mackinac Straits Fish Co., Barish Brothers Co., Bump & Tot, LLC, and The Cottage Gift Shop.

The actual location in Ironwood has a new addition as well. The large Stormy Kromer hat that was formerly next to the highway is now in front of the store. Stormy Kromer gives tours every day at 1:30 p.m., where customers can learn the history of the company, see how the hats are made, sign their large Stormy Kromer wall and take a picture to post on their bulletin board.

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