State Representative works side by side with locals

Published: Oct. 21, 2017 at 4:23 PM EDT
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On Saturday, State Representative, Beau LaFave, took to the kitchen to learn from a local business owner exactly how to make the perfect pasty.

Side by side with the owner of Dobber's pasties in Escanaba, State Representative for the 108th District Beau LaFave got his hands dirty by going through the old fashion process to make a pasty.

"The first one was good but then it went downhill from there, but don’t worry we ate all the mistakes," said LaFave.

Saturday's visit to the 40 year plus pasty provider is just the first stop of several for Beau "Lafavorite's" Job series.

"We are going to tour as many businesses in Dickinson, Delta and Menominee counties as we can," said LaFave. "We are going to figure out what I can do, what the state can do, to make it easier to do business."

In the midst of crimping the crust to perfect the pasty, Dobber's owner, Brad Mantela, discussed with LaFave some of his major concerns to maintaining a business in the Delta County.

"A big part of our business is tourism," said Mantela. "We need to keep on working on promoting the Upper Peninsula and the wonderful opportunities we have up here for not only tourism and vacation, but also for jobs."

After hearing thoughts from a local business, LaFave continued to reach out to people at a town hall meeting at Bay College where he discussed auto insurance reform, something he believes is a major issue in the Upper Peninsula.

"Michigan is the only state in the union that makes you buy the Cadillac plan and you have no choices," said LaFave."We are going to talk about House Bill 5013, ask questions and know what the rate reduction is going to be when we go forward in implementing this bill."

Lafave hopes to pass the bill and lower car insurance within this term. He also encourages the local businesses to reach out to him if interested in participating in the Beau "LaFavorite's" Job series taking place every two weeks.