Start the Cycle group ready for Ore to Shore race

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Friday night at the annual Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic expo, the kids from Start the Cycle came full circle. For the past 24 weeks the kids have been training along with their mentors in preparation for the Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic.

Friday night they received their Ore to Shore jerseys and had a chance to fuel up at the Lions Spaghetti Dinner. The board president of Start the Cycle says it's impressive to see hard the kids have worked during this summer leading up to Saturday's race.

"We saw kids that came in referred by counselors and teachers and physicians that never maybe would have had this opportunity and now they are a team," said Laura MacDonald, Board President for Start the Cycle. "They belong together they're all working hard together and they're ready for tomorrow."

There will be 26 kids from Start the Cycle participating in Saturday's race. Also, the Start the Cycle crew has been named the 2018 Trail Ambassador.