Stabenow announces restoration of Great Lakes funding

WASHINGTON D.C. (WLUC) - U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow announced on Wednesday, August 1st, that the Senate restored full funding to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

President Trump’s 2019 budget request nearly eliminated funding for the Great Lakes.

“For months, Michigan residents have sent a clear signal that they do not support the Administration’s cuts to Great Lakes funding,” said Senator Stabenow. “Because of those voices, and our bipartisan efforts, we ensured that every penny of this funding was restored so that the work of protecting our Great Lakes can continue.”

The legislation that the Senate passed also included Stabenow’s amendment requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to implement recommendations on the Flint water crisis in the Inspector General’s report, “Management Weakness Delayed Response to Flint Water Crisis.”

The report calls on the EPA to update the Lead and Copper Rule, which dictates how communities control lead in drinking water. The report also dictates that the EPA release a clear policy that outlines when the agency should intervene in future incidents.

In addition to these changes, the budget bill also maintains current funding levels critical in stopping the spread of Asian carp.

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