Spring snowstorm hits the Upper Peninsula, makes for hazardous driving conditions

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - "It's Northern Michigan, it's the weather we expect up here and you just have to slow it down and drive safe and get from point A to point B safely," said Michigan State Police Trooper Alan Park.

It may be mid-April but that will not stop an Upper Peninsula snow storm.

"You can tell it's almost like freezing rain or sleet underneath the snow so you're seeing your cars are frozen almost with freezing rain and sleet, so, you've got two mixtures here that aren't good for driving conditions on the road," said Park.

Up to two feet of snow is expected across the U.P. between Sunday and Monday with winds up to 45 MPH.

"Stay home, don't be driving in these conditions, if you do have to travel plan ahead and if you don't have to travel, if you can wait or prolong it, do it," said Park.

When accidents do happen Michigan State Police advise calling 911 to get help.

They say they will respond to the scene as quickly as possible but because of hazardous road conditions they also have to use extreme caution while driving.

"In conditions like this we're human beings, too, we can't drive high rates of speed to get to you," said Park. "Sometimes we're not even driving with our emergency lights on because it's not safe for us to be driving emergent in stuff like this."

Troopers patrol areas of low-cell phone service on days like Sunday's storm to check for stuck vehicles, while snow plows make the rounds to keep roads as clear as they can for all drivers.

"When they go in the ditch or have accidents then it prompts a response from us and EMS and it puts us and everybody's safety at risk, so we strongly encourage people to stay home," said Park.

With snow expected to continue through Monday night, Michigan State Police recommends keeping an emergency kit with snacks and cold-weather gear readily available and to drive slowly with headlights on.

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