Spread Goodness Day invites public participation

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Anna Dravland is showing the world the domino effect of goodness.

As she started her campaign months ago to reach 1 million acts of kindness on March 9th, she has rallied over 250 organizations to participate so far.

"I’ve been reached out by so many people and so many organizations and schools and individuals that want to be involved that to try to keep up with it is overwhelming, but also the energy behind it is so positive and good people just want to engage with this day," said Dravland.

She encouraged organizations to take one act of goodness of their choosing to prove that even one act, multiplied by hundreds can truly make a difference.

"They have their own missions, they have their own goals, their own people, and ways that they want to spread goodness and that’s what I really wanted to attach the whole concept to," explained Dravland.

Goodie bags are being given out, flowers delivered, schools are visiting nursing homes, the list of good deeds goes on and on. And the public can participate too. Local businesses like Hot Plate are offering mugs to paint for $15. These mugs from the national Believe Big company will then be donated to cancer patients.

"It kind of helps them remember that they are not alone and that there are people thinking of them," said owner of Hot Plate, Melissa Sprouse. "While you are painting if you could say a little prayer, think positive thoughts while you are painting, that kind of helps spread that goodness too."

Wilderness Sports is another local business participating. All week until tomorrow, for every sock bought, Wilderness will donate a pair to the local Salvation Army.

"They are not just your basic cotton sock. They are donating a heavy duty winter socks because in this area where they live and this time of year especially, it will hopefully be something that will be a blessing to someone in the community," said Shannon Kemp, a Wilderness Sports clerk.

For a full list of organizations participating in Spread Goodness Day, click here.

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