Spinal health important to overall health

Published: Nov. 7, 2016 at 4:52 PM EST
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When you think about your health, do you think about your spinal health? Most people don't.... And there are a few easy ways to keep your spine healthy.

“You can’t be healthy with a stiff spine,” said Chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Turino. “We have to have those joints moving and working properly just like any other joint in your body.”

When most people think about their health, many forget about their spinal health, even though the spine includes one of the most important systems in the body.

“It’s incredibly important because that is literally housing the way your brain and your body communicate or talk back and forth with each other, so that makes posture important, that makes general spinal health important and having normal spinal movement functions important,” said Dr. Turino.

Keeping your spine healthy can be as remembering to have good posture.

“You want to have your ears centered over your shoulder,” said Dr. Turino. “You want to have your shoulders relaxed and back, and you want to have your spine be neutral, in a neutral straight line from top to bottom. So, shoulders back, chin up, chest out, that’s exactly what kind of posture you want.”

Just like family medical doctors who we go to when we are sick, chiropractors are the doctors we go to when we have neck or back issues.

“I have a sciatic nerve problem and they have been helping me quite a bit to relieve the pain,” said patient Stanley Stenson. “Now I’m on a program that takes about 3 months so I come [in] three days out of the week and it has helped. Like today, now is the first time I drove up here [and] my sciatic nerve hasn’t bothered me at all.”

“I think every health care team should include a chiropractor because spinal health is very important,” said Dr. Turino.

Though the pain can be easy to ignore, not going to a chiropractor could cause minor issues to turn into serious problems.

“Things like degeneration, arthritis, disk problems, these things all get magnified in advance when you have spinal health problems, not to mention sublimation which causes pain or function lost,” said Dr. Turino.

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