Special needs therapy dog in need of lifesaving medical care

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Kado is a six month old he's a six month old fox red lab with special needs. He was born with a liver shunt, so unfiltered blood stays in his system, making him dizzy and disoriented.

"I named him 'Kibou' because it was a rough time for me and 'Kibou' is Japanese for the word 'hope,'" explained his owner, Lisa Fleet. "And then as I saw his unique behaviors, 'Kibou' was just a little too mild so I named him 'Kado,' which means 'sun dancer.'"

Fleet, a former special needs teacher, is Kado's owner-she first met the puppy when he came to her as a therapy dog while she was recovering from surgery.

"With him being special and having all these special needs, we have grown quite close and he means quite a bit to me," said Fleet.

Fleet says Kado will pace and circle, sometimes pressing his head.

Fixing his liver shunt needs a special surgery in which coils are inserted into Kado's liver to correct the blood vessels that aren't connected properly. The surgery would be conducted at Michigan State University and could cost around $10,000.

"His story just really is special and very rarely in life do you get to meet a dog like him," said Tracy Nyberg, Kado's Veterinarian.

A GoFundMe-'Coils for Kado'-has been set up to help Kado get the life saving surgery he needs. Fleet has big plans for the pup after his surgery-he'll go through training to become a certified therapy animal.

"It's just the gifts they bring with their unconditional love and healing," said Fleet.

"There's a lot of sad stuff I deal with everyday as a veterinarian and I can't help everybody," said Nyberg. "Whatever role I can play in encouraging her with this and helping him and helping the community is a great cause."

For more information on Kado's diagnosis and to donate to his GoFundMe, click here.

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