South Dakota man pleads not guilty to murder charges

YANKTON, S.D. (WLUC) - The South Dakota man arrested in connection to the death and dismemberment of the woman found in a U.P. river pleaded not guilty Thursday at his arraignment.

45-year-old Stephen Falkenberg is charged with second degree murder and alternate lesser included charge of manslaughter. Both charges have a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Police say he killed his girlfriend, 46-year old Tamara Laframboise, before dumping her body in Menominee County's Little River.

Laframboise's body was found in the river on March 16. Prosecutors say the body was found near a house owned by Falkenberg's brother.

Authorities also say Falkenberg cut off Laframboise's head, hands and feet to try and prevent her body from being identified.

A jury trial date is scheduled for August 26.