Soo Hill Elementary School negotiations underway

Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 10:56 AM EST
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The Escanaba Area Public School Board is negotiating the soon-to-be former Soo Hill Elementary School with the Intermediate School District (ISD).

This comes after the board decided to close the school last month.

Escanaba Area Public Schools Superintendent Coby Fletcher says the ISD wants to transfer their current campus over to Soo Hill.

The board is looking into their offer since the ISD serves some Escanaba students.

“We would be interested in selling the building with them,” explained Escanaba Area Public Schools Superintendent Coby Fletcher. “In fact, when the board made the decision to close, part of that decision was to give the Intermediate School District (ISD) the right of first refusal on the sale of the building. So if we’re able to negotiate a sell with them we will, if not then we will put the building out for bid and sell it to the highest bidder.”

Fletcher says parents and families should receive information regarding leadership and classroom changes by the end of March.