Some Gwinn residents oppose sinking fund millage proposal

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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - A couple of days ago we brought you the story of the Gwinn Area Community Schools looking to pass a sinking fund millage on the upcoming election August 6. Some Gwinn residents say the issue was already settled when the millage proposal was defeated in a special election back in May.

The millage proposal is for an increase of 1.75 mills for 10 years for a sinking fund that would be used to repair, replace and maintain school infrastructure.

Those same concerned residents also say, the taxpayers are already paying their share.

"There are four millages that are already on the tax record that concern the school in Gwinn, two of them have to do with debt reduction, another one has to do with special education, another one has to do with what they call ISD, so the idea that the people of Gwinn are being some kind of cheapskates and not working for the school, it just isn't true," said Gwinn Resident, Jon Hendry.

The voters will have a chance to once again weigh in on the issue on election day, August 6.

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