Some Chocolay Township residents experiencing flooding, freezing damage

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CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Some Chocolay Township residents are cleaning up after some flooding and freezing.

Residents on Lakewood Lane, near the mouth of the Chocolay River, said the water rose two to three feet then froze. Some reported basements that also froze.

Others, including homeowner Terri Argall, said they had damage to their boat house and its contents. Argall and others said they are concerned it could happen again as the mouth of the river is being blocked by ice.

“With this storm that we're having right now and the north winds, it's blowing in quite a bit of ice from the lake again and we're afraid that it's going to come up, that the river is going to come up again we're hoping that something gets done,” Argall said.

If you’d like to report damage to property as the result of the flooding and freezing, you’re encouraged to call Chocolay Township Public Works at 906-249-1449.

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