Solar farm becoming a reality in Escanaba

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Everyone looks to cut energy costs, and there's a bright idea in Escanaba that's becoming a reality.

(Image Source: MGN)

Recently the Escanaba electric company reached an agreement with the county for a lease on 12 ½ acres of land.

It'll allow construction of a solar farm.

The $1.5 Million dollar project will be located directly west of the Delta County Airport and will consist of more than 3,500 individual panels.

The solar field will generate roughly one percent of the city's power.
Plans are in the works to allow residents to buy into the project.

“About half of the total project would be made available for sale to residential, commercial, and industrial customers of the city. They could if they want to buy a panel or ten or fifty,” said Escanaba Electric Superintendent Mike Furmanski.

The hope is that the solar panels would start generating power for the city as soon as August.