Snowmobilers lucky to be alive

MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - Four snowmobilers are lucky to be alive. They broke through the ice of Lake Superior off Munising at 10:45 Saturday morning.

The Alger County Sheriff’s Department says the four snowmobilers were able to pull themselves out of the water. They were not injured. The four went into the lake near the East Channel of Grand Island. They were able to make it safely to Grand Island.

The Alger County Sheriff’s Rescue “21” unit using their hovercraft was able to get the four snowmobilers off Grand Island. They were treated by Alger EMS.

It’s believe all four individuals were from outside the Munising area.

The four snowmobiles are in the water. Arrangements are being made to recover the machines.

The Alger County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to ALL people that ice conditions near Grand Island and the East Channel are very weak and unsafe. They’re asking everyone to stay out of the area. The Sheriff’s Department is also warning people to enter the ice with extreme caution. The air temperature maybe very cold, but that doesn’t mean the ice is solid and safe.

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