'Small Schools, Big Sounds' coming to Upper Peninsula Children's Museum

DEERTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Emily Vaughn's students are practicing dillegently for their 'Small Schools, Big Sounds' concert. It will be the first time ever AuTrain-Onota, Powell and Wells Township Schools music programs will perform together, where Vaughn teaches at all three.

"It's going to be a really rewarding experience for my students to finally get to meet each other and work together and make new friendships while making music at the same time," said Emily Vaughn, Music Teacher at AuTrain-Onota, Powell and Wells Township Schools.

"We're going to do great on this, I am positive about this because practice has been fantastic," said Bastian Gephart, and 8th Grade Percussionist at AuTrain-Onota School.

Choir student ages range from kindergarten through eighth grade and fourth through eighth graders make up the bands.

"I teach in three separate school districts that are very rural, yet I am completely and incredibly supported as a music teacher," said Vaughn.

'Small Schools, Big Sounds' is entirely donation-based. All the funds raised from the concert will be split between Vaughn's three school districts, and how that money is used will be voted on by her students.

"Ukeles are definitely at the top of the list but each of my three different school districts we have different sets of needs," said Vaughn. "We'll use the funds properly to make sure that those needs are fulfilled."

The Children's Museum will not charge admission all day Friday and instead they will ask for donations to Vaughn's music programs. A lot of practice has gone into making it a good show.

"I'm so excited about it and I know it's going to go well because I'm not stressed and if I'm not stressed that means they're prepared and I'm prepared," said Vaughn.

"I feel like I've worked relatively hard for this and I just want to have it pay off," said Gephart.

'Small Schools, Big Sounds' starts at 6 p.m. Friday, May 18 at the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum.

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