Small Business Revolution cast visits Marinette Menominee

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MARINETTE, Wisc. (WLUC) - Community members welcomed the cast of Small Business Revolution to Marinette Thursday night. The cast is traveling the country visiting the top ten towns they're considering for their next season.

The town chosen will receive half a million dollar investment into six local businesses.

So far the co-hosts have said they've been enjoying the area and the sense of community the two cities have together.

"What we're really moved by is how these two communities have come together,” Amanda Brinkman, one of the show’s hosts, said. “We really feel this can be an example to the rest of the country that small towns really shouldn't be competing with each other, but can you think about neighboring towns and how you can work together. We feel that Marinette Menominee have done a wonderful job of doing just that."

"We are pretty close, except during football season of course,” local business owner, Lynn Parma, said. “But yes, the community is kind of a group that always rallies together, especially when it comes to people in need and needing our help. We help across the border."

The show will announce its top five early next month. While Marinette Menominee residents are confident they'll be on the list, the hosts say even if they aren't the nomination process is half of the enjoyment.

"The prize, the result is seeing your community come together in such a beautiful way,” Brinkman said. “We didn't invent this unity between the two towns but we've been hearing very much that this is quite the catalyst for that kind of a movement."

If they are chosen for the top five, the final decision is based on public vote.

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