Ski jump fans tailgate after competition was cancelled

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High winds cancelled Friday’s Pine Mountain’s ski jump competition. For fans in Iron Mountain it did not cancel the tailgating fun they had planned on having.

"This is our practice round, ya know,” one fan, Fred Jacobs, said. “We're getting ready for the activities and this guy has got some white fish that he's grilling out. We are trying different recipes and even though its cold just enjoying the camaraderie.”

"It's just a great time,” Phil Dascola, another fan tailgating added. “I mean all the people up here are fantastic, just great friends. Even though they're not jumping today, it's a special time. And the weather is beautiful. I mean, the winds up today but the next two days will be beautiful."

That wind being up made jumping Friday unsafe. This was supposed to be the first year that they had three competitions. They're saying even after Friday was cancelled, they're still trying to make that happen.

"Most likely we will have two tournaments for tomorrow, two full tournaments and then one on Sunday,” Nick Blagec with the Kiwanis Ski Club said. “We're going to get three in one way or another. We're going to be starting early, we're going to be starting about 8:30 for a practice run or a trial run if you will. So hopefully we get them both in and the weather really does look good for tomorrow."

These dedicated fans are ready to brave the cold all weekend to watch some good jumping.

"I don't know if they're going to go home,” Jacobs said. “They might spend the night. As long as they got the shelter and the fire is warm, they'll be sticking around."

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