'Shroom boom: Mushroom pickers find big ones in UP

In this Sept. 4, 2018, photo, Kay and Joe Arcand of Quinnesec, Mich., pose with a massive mushroom picked in Dickinson County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Fall is a prime season for mushroom hunters to find certain varieties. (Betsy Bloom/Iron Mountain Daily News via AP)
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QUINNESEC, Mich. (AP) - Mushroom steak, anyone? The possibilities seem endless for a wild Upper Peninsula mushroom that looks like a volleyball.

The giant mushroom, known as a puffball, was recently picked in Dickinson County. Joe Arcand of Quinnesec wants to keep the exact location a secret and isn't giving too many details. He laughed and told the Iron Mountain Daily News , "In the woods."

Arcand says fall can be a prime season for mushroom picking, although spring gets much attention. He's also found meadow mushrooms, which are related to button mushrooms sold in stores.

Experts at Michigan State University say it's important to know what you're picking. There are many mushrooms that can be toxic to humans. The message: Don't eat a wild mushroom unless it's been cooked and positively identified.

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