Sensory Processing Disorder common, but misunderstood

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Dickinson and Iron County community members learned about Sensory Processing Disorders at an event held at Pine Grove Country Club on Monday.

More than 200 service providers including teachers and health professionals were present to learn about Sensory Processing Disorder from Carol Kranowitz. (WLUC Photo)

Sensory Processing Disorder is a topic many didn't know much about.

"It's a common, but misunderstood, neurological problem that effects not only children but also teenagers and adults,” said Carol Kranowitz, a National SPD Trainer and Author.

More than 200 service providers including teachers and health professionals were present to learn about SPD from Kranowitz.

"The behaviors of a person with SPD often look like others,” said Kranowitz.

People with SPD can experience sensations very differently.

"So we see a fidgeting child we think oh it's ADHD let’s give him a psycho stimulant, when in fact the child is fidgeting because the seam in his sock are annoying him so much, that's the only thing he is thinking about,” said Kranowitz

She challenged the audience to look and think about what may be bothering a child that might not bother others.

"She's helping us identify the different type of sensory issues that kids may have and then strategies we can use to support them,” said the DIISD Department of Early Childhood Director, Casey McCormick.

Kranowitz said the most common type is people who are over sensitive to sensations such as being touched or moved unexpectedly.

"If we can understand that better we can help them learn what they need to do or we can help them arrange their environment better,” said the Dickinson-Iron Early On Coordinator, Cherie Fila.

The best thing for these children is physical activity.

In order to put this training session on, there were many sponsors including Early On, Our Place Community Center and Dickinson Iron Great Start who are all focused on helping children.

More events like this will be held in the future.

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