Sen. Tom Casperson and State Rep. Sara Cambensy hold college savings informational session

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Senator Tom Casperson and State Representative Sara Cambensy were in Marquette Friday at the Peter White Public Library talking about the importance of saving for college.

It all stems from a recent study from Michigan Education Trust, suggesting U.P. families are under the national average in saving money for their children to go to college. While they think it's very important to send their children to college, they may not know the options or how to start saving.

Senator Casperson and State Representative Cambensy want to make sure Michigan residents know the options, including Michigan Education Trust (MET) and the Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP).

"With MET there's three contract options, you have a full benefits, a limited benefits and a community college option, all differently priced but allowing families to make those decisions based on their budgets. With MESP, we have nine investment options - everywhere from a very conservative option all the way up to all equity - and parents can mix and match those options as well," explains Robin Lott, Executive Director of Michigan Education Trust.

MET & MESP are holding webinars about the two options. You can register at MET's website, under "Events" and MESP's website under "The Buzz."

Michigan Education Trust is also giving away $3,000 per month through September as a MET contract. To enter, you can visit their website.

"Getting out with zero debt, and watching others with me that had considerable debt, the choices I've been able to make in terms of where I want to live, the types of jobs I want, if I want to switch jobs or try something else, I've been able to do that because I don't have that debt load holding me back saying maybe you should stay here and pay off and be safe. Those opportunities I think are invaluable, so I would encourage parents to check it out. Every little bit you can put away helps and your kids will be very very grateful for it as they get older," says State Representative Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette).