Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital encourages the community to wear masks

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MANISTIQUE, Mich. (WLUC) - As the U.P. opens later this week, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital wants to remind people to continue to be safe.

Paul Bunyan wearing a mask at the Welcome Center. (WLUC photo)

“We want to still be mindful that people should still social distance, wash their hands, and wear a mask,” said Bob Crumb, CEO of Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital.

The hashtag ‘Masked in Manistique’ was designed to encourage people to wear their masks as the U.P. begins to open.

Even Paul Bunyan who stands at 15 feet tall has his very own mask.

“Somebody put a mask on Paul Bunyan the other night and he sort of greets people as they enter town and so he’s setting a good example as well,” said Crumb.

But it’s not just the hospital that’s asking people to wear their masks; local businesses have the same message.

“People have to wear a mask when they come here,” said Cindy King, co-owner of Bostique.

“We want to keep not just us safe; we want to keep the customer safe and we want to stop the spread,” said Kathy Jerde, co-owner of Bostique.

Bostique in downtown Manistique has taken several precautionary measures to keep people safe, including a barrier between a customer and the register, new sanitization methods, and arrows on the floor to direct traffic.

“Some friends bought the little safety shield for us, which was really kind. People have been so kind throughout this whole thing. It has really brought out the best in people,” said King.

This isn’t to scare people away - people are encouraged to come back and enjoy the area but are asked to be mindful of those around them.

“Just do it with a mask if you’re out in public, be respectful of the businesses that you’re going into,” said Crumb.

When you do go out, make sure to stop and say hi to Paul Bunyan. Post your masked pictures on social media using #MaskedInManistique.

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