Schoolcraft Co. Sheriff: Slow down by Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

SCHOOLCRAFT COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - The Schoolcraft County Sheriff is giving an extra warning to drivers.

Sheriff Paul Furman says since the speed limit increased to 65 mph, there have been many near crashes and close calls by the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital exit on US-2 just outside of Manistique. The sheriff says patrols will be increased in that area, and anyone speeding will be ticketed.

The cost of tickets and points on your license is as follows:

1-5 over, $115 and 2 points on your license
6-10 over, $125 and 2 points on your license
11-15 over, $150 and 3 points on your license

The sheriff says the county and the hospital have had preliminary discussions with MDOT about their concerns with the speed limit by the hospital and on the bluff to the east of Manistique.

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