Sayklly's at Westwood Mall preparing to close down

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MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - There's still time left to purchase some of your favorite Sayklly's candy at a discounted price at Westwood Mall location.

The store was originally planned to close down this past Saturday, but with so many products left, employees are still packing up.

Gift items are 70 percent off, and candy is 50 percent off.

Whatever's left will go down to their original Escanaba store, which will remain open, as well as online.

"Very emotional the last two weeks," store manager Bob Gauthier said. "An outpouring of the people coming in and congratulating my wife and I, Mary Jean; we're retiring, thus the closing of the store... And we will miss the people, no doubt about it; 26 years, you build a lot of good relationships."

Gauthier says they hope to close down either this Wednesday or Thursday. As for what's next for him and his wife, he says more time with grandchildren, golfing, and gardening.

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