Safety recommendations for Michigan schools have been submitted

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Last November, the School Safety Task Force presented 29 recommendations in order to increase safer school environments in Michigan.

The force was created by former Governor Rick Snyder last year in April.

"The 29 recommendations that came out of the governor's office and through the Michigan State Police have just put into fine print exactly what they expect us to do to make sure that our schools our safe and secure,” said Nice Community Schools Superintendent, Bryan DeAugustine.

DeAugustine says many of the points covered in their guidelines are already in place. Yet with this model, he believes this will help keep their established process moving forward.

"Having it in writing with a little guidance from the government is a good thing, and it'll allow us to make sure that we check the list off every year and revisit it throughout the year to make sure that we are following the protocols in the way the experts feels works best,” said DeAugustine.

Michigan State Police Captain John Halpin says students and teachers should only be concerned with learning, not if something violent is going to happen to them.

"We need to be working together. Law enforcement, school districts, teachers, mental health professionals and our parents and our kids,” said 8th District MSP Commander Halpin. “We all need to get together and work as one if we're going to solve the problem of school violence."

He believes this guideline will keep everyone focused on the ultimate goal of achieving safer school environments across the state.

"It has benefited the school districts because it gives them a road map and it gives law enforcement a road map of guidelines, what to follow what to do, what not to do and everybody doesn't have to re-invent the wheel as long as we can get on the same page with the same goal and mission, that is what matters,” said Captain Halpin.

For the complete list of recommendations, visit here.

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