STEM program keeps students engaged this summer

Published: Jun. 20, 2017 at 2:54 PM EDT
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Michigan Technological University is reaching out again to keep local elementary and middle school students engaged this summer.

The Center for Science and Environmental Outreach is holding their summer camp for first grade through middle school students this month.

"We're trying to engage students in learning about STEM, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,” says director Joan Chadde, “So, we're really trying to introduce it at a really young age to encourage kids to be creative and feel confident."

Today’s first and second grade class focused on Making, Tinkering and Inventing.

The childrens’ first challenge was to create a helmet from their own choice of materials.

"You give them a, we'll call it a problem. So in this case the problem is we have an egg and we need to protect it just like we protect our brain when we're riding a bike. They have to design a helmet for the egg. So, that is their problem to solve," says Chadde.

Students designed, built and tested their helmets to see if the eggs would survive a drop from several feet in the air onto the ground.

The Center for Science and Environmental Outreach also holds the Western Upper Peninsula Science Fair, STEM Festival, and Water Festival for area students each year.

Other programs include Outdoor Science Investigation Field Trips,

Family Science and Engineering, and Teacher workshops.

More information on these programs can be found at