Rotary Club builds bridges for Parade of Nations

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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - Local Rotary Club youth have been building bridges all the way to Denmark and Sweden.

"We're bridging our two communities and we are bridging the world," said Donna Cole of the Hancock Rotary Club.

Houghton and Hancock schools' Interact Clubs work together on a float for Saturday's Parade of Nations. The float represents cultures of two Rotary exchange students from Denmark and Sweden.

"I was at an international rotary convention in Copenhagen in 2006, which was put on both by Sweden and Denmark and the symbol was their bridge. It is an amazing bridge that spans from Malmo to Copenhagen," said Cole.

The Oresund Suspension Bridge is 5 miles long and runs into an over 13,000 foot-long underwater tunnel.

"I think it is really exciting. It is kind of cool that they are doing something that is representing my country because it is so small. It is not usual for a bigger country to do that," said Rotary exchange student Victoria Bjoerling of Denmark.

More than a physical model, the float represents building bridges between people.

"I think it is important just so we have a way to be connected with one another and so we are not separated. We can share ideas and share different parts that make us who we are," said Hancock Interact Club secretary Rachel Rautio.

The Parade of Nations begins 11 a.m. Saturday and will travel from Hancock, across the Portage Lake Lift Bridge to Houghton. A link to more information is available in the related links section of this article.

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