Republican Rossway announces candidacy for 109th District

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Motivated by his desire to bring common sense and non-partisanship to the U.P., Rich Rossway of Marquette (R) has announced his candidacy for the 109th District State House of Representatives.

Stated Rossway, “I have grown tired of the divisive partisan politics, and my intent is to bring to Lansing a strong and logical voice for the residents of the U.P. Today's climate of “us against them” will never accomplish anything. I am a firm believer in communication, listening, collaboration and partnerships, and this will be my primary focus in Lansing. I am a Yooper, and I will bring my voice to Lansing as a strong advocate for our residents. I was a strong supporter of John Kivela, a great man that cared deeply for the U.P. I will embrace John’s focus of non-partisanship and fight for common ground and sensible solutions that can truly benefit our community.”

Rossway's experience and skills will provide the109th with a solid foundation in representing the people of the 109th. Serving on the Marquette School Board for 17 years, including the past five as its President, Rossway has experienced first-hand the challenges the U.P. faces in education. Rossway's primary focus will be in finding solutions for our students, our schools and our families. “I will work to secure adequate funding for our public schools in the 109th”, stated Rossway.

“U.P. schools are woefully underfunded compared to many downstate schools, and without additional funding, many of our public schools in the 109th will continue to struggle.”

Rossway is a veteran of the US Army, serving his country as a Military Policeman in Okinawa, Japan during the Vietnam Era. As a veteran, he learned the importance of working together as a team in protecting our country. He is a strong advocate for our veterans, and concerned that our veterans continue to have seamless access to healthcare. Stated Rossway, “We have a resource in the Jacobetti Home for Veterans, and we must ensure that this wonderful facility continues to get its fair share of funding.”

Rossway is the current Vice Chairman of the City of Marquette Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, (8 years), plus a member on the Smart Zone LDFA Board (3 years). In serving on both of these committees, he have been front and center in helping our community move forward with economic development and job creation. He is committed to expanding economic development opportunities – to provide opportunities for our children so they can stay where they love to live and play.

Rossway has a laser focus on the dark store issue. “I will fight for sensible solutions and against special interests that stand in the way of our interests”, stated Rossway. “The politics regarding Dark Stores is unacceptable. We are losing tax dollars that threaten our schools, municipalities and entire way of life. Equally, we need to expand our vocational education opportunities, manage our energy costs, and expand our broad band access.”

As background, Rossway was born and raised in Marquette, attending St. Peters Grade School, Bishop Baraga High School, and Marquette Senior High School. (1972 graduate) He is a marketing executive at ABC-TV. He is married to Rita Rossway, who owns Interiors by Design, a furniture and design center in Marquette. They have 2 children, Rhonda (24) who just received her Masters and is continuing her educational career in pursuing a PhD, and Rainger (22), a recent college graduate working as a computer programmer and software developer. Rossway is a member of the Elks Lodge in Marquette, as well as a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church.

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