Rock the Socks Campaign kicks off next week

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Students at Marquette Alternative High School continue to rock the socks off Marquette by hosting their annual Rock the Socks campaign.

"It’s been going on here for six years, and it’s to help the homeless and less fortunate of our community to get them socks because socks are the least donated item that they need the most," said Jxen Parsons, a senior at Marquette Alternative High school.

Starting next week the students are asking for new adult, youth and infant socks that will be donated to six different local organizations to help those in need.

Last year more than 3,000 socks were delivered.

"But we aren’t concerned with the number, we are concerned about people," said Savannah Fortin, a junior. "We don’t want their feet to be cold in the winter time because it’s actually really cold this year."

The lobby at the Marquette Alternative High school is one of 11 school sock drop off spots along with five other businesses in the community.

"We got new businesses and there’s definitely a lot of places that decided to help us out this year," said Fortin.

The students are also putting more fun in this year’s fundraiser by adding more "Toss the Socks" at the NMU hockey and basketball games.

On December 16 and 17, students Kindergarten through 12th grade can even get into the games for free if they bring socks.

Fans are encouraged to toss socks on the floor during half time.

"The we go out and we collect them and it just helps a lot," said Fortin.

This campaign won the 2014 State Education Excellence Award and was even featured in a national magazine. However for the students, this fundraiser means much than awards.

"We have students at our school that aren’t fortunate to have socks, and I know I am happy to see them feel like they are valued," said Fortin. "It’s something to be happy about."

Below are the schools involved as sock drop off sites:
Marquette Alternative High School
Marquette Senior High School
Bothwell Middle School
Graveraet Elementary School
Superior Hills
MAPS Central Office
Westwood High School
Aspen Ridge High School
Ishpeming High School
Negaunee High School
St. Christopher Preschool
Northern Michigan University of Education, Student Social Work Organization and the Athletic Department.

Below are the businesses involved as drop off sites:
UP Catholic Credit Union (All three branches)
Select Realty
Wattson and Wattsson Jewelers
Mister McGregors Garden (Both locations)

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