Road crews getting ready for winter

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MANISTIQUE, Mich. (WLUC) - Schoolcraft County will use between 5 and 6 thousand tons of salt this winter to keep their 700 miles of roads safe.

John Osterhout is Schoolcraft County's Road Foreman.

"We're busy preparing our equipment for winter operations. A week ago we were hauling gravel. Now as the winter hits then we are preparing the trucks. That mean's you've got to turn a dump truck into a plow truck."

When you have 27 employees working to get 20 trucks ready for winter you have your hands full.

"We also install our green lights onto our sand and salt trucks that are on the highway."

Like many UP counties, Schoolcraft installed the green safety lights last year and feels that they have been very effective in increasing the level of safety regarding their vehicles..

John said that there is one particular place on the roads of Shoolcraft County that drivers need to be aware of.

"Yes. We have a particular area on U.S. 2 just east of Manistique that we here at work call "The hill" which is the railroad overpass out near the Tannery Road. There's a lot of people that just don't want to slow down and people need to slow down" said John.

Then he said a few words that could apply anywhere in the U.P.

"People need to stay back a little bit and let the county guys do their work. Give a little bit of room. They're out there doing something. Trying to get a job done. Crews work hard and they put in a lot of hours and it adds a lot to a guys stress at the end of the day when motorist are driving too fast and creating dangerous situations."

Let's all try to keep that in mind as we drive the U.P. roads this winter.

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