Road Commission clears snow from road as temperatures rise

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Rising temperatures are causing an issue in places with a lot of built up snow. The Dickinson County Road Commission working to remove that snow before it melts and floods the roads.

Some roads have already seen melting snow but the crew is clearing guardrails to help draining. They say people can help by keeping snow from their yard off the roads.

"Try to keep the snow from your yards off the right of way if at all possible and of course don't push it across the road because that causes more issue for us,” Directing Manager Jim Harris said. “More snow in the right of way means more problems and more ponding. Watch for the ponding in the road. Every place will not be cleared out. You will have ponding in some areas."

If you do come across a flooded street, it's recommended to drive slowly through the water to prevent hydroplaning.

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