Rippling River Resort hosts fundraiser for NTN

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - There was a fundraiser for the Noquemanon Trail Network Tuesday night in Marquette. About two dozen snowbike riders met at Rippling River Resort for a quick ride out on the trails. After that they were treated to a taco bar inside Rippling River.

The riders and hosts are trying to raise money for a matching grant program that goes to help fund trail grooming for snowbikes. Fans of snowbiking say it's good for the community.

"The trails actually are a magnet and they will attract people from outside the area and the better we have the trails the bigger the magnet, the more people will come to this area and they will stay at the hotels, they will go to all the different shops so the better we can make it, the better for everyone," said Todd King, Co-Owner Downwind Sports.

If you couldn't make it to Tuesday's fundraiser but still want to help out, you can drop off a donation to Downwind Sports on Third Street in Marquette.