Residents, Norway City Hall trying to stop cars from passing activated school buses

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NORWAY, Mich. (WLUC) - There's been an issue recently with cars passing activated school buses. The city of Norway is trying to resolve the problem with the help of residents and the city hall.

Norway resident, Neil Juntunen, has experienced it first hand.

"Activated school bus, lights flashing, people just drive by," says Juntunen, "we've had my child's activated school bus get passed six times in 11 days."

Norway City Manager, Ray Anderson, is trying to fix the problem. He's working with the school and bus company in the area to find out who’s breaking the rules.

"We've asked bus drivers to report a violation, even if it's as simple as date and time. That allows us to at least focus in on if there is a pattern, then we can target that," states Anderson.

In Michigan, if a school bus is stopped and activated, a car must stop at least 20 feet away from the school bus. "It is a distance and you're supposed to stay that distance away. it's not like a yellow means speed up. When a bus activates, stop and get your distance," says Anderson.

Anderson believes one way they could alleviate the problem is by installing cameras on school buses.

"In this particular situation a bus driver is helping students get into their seats and so it happens when they aren't prepared to take down information. That's where the camera system would be very helpful," Anderson says.

Until they make a final decision, Anderson, city hall personnel and police will continue to monitor the area and preach the importance of kids' safety.

"Our message is stop for the activated buses, slow down near buses. You know, those are our kids and we need to follow the safety rules," declares Anderson.