Rep. Dianda talks to local students about solar power

Published: Jan. 30, 2017 at 6:39 PM EST
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State Representative Scott Dianda of Calumet visited the Marquette Area Public School’s Solar Days event on Monday.

Dianda told the students that ten years ago, his power costs were around $40. Now, they are close to $200. He said relying on power sources from outside the U.P. has led to increased costs. Dianda believes new forms of power generation is key.

“The next thing is going to be the solar issue,” Dianda said. “These are the things we are embracing, we have the opportunity in Michigan to look at the future and solar is a part of that.”

He said the high cost of power takes money from the local economy. His solution is to create micro-grids, local power districts with alternative power sources like geo-thermal and solar.

For homeowners, he said the start-up fees from building solar panels into your home are expensive up front, but the savings outweigh those costs in the long run.