Rep. Bergman: 'Time we move past the division' following Mueller probe

WASHINGTON (WLUC) - Republican Congressman Jack Bergman says the conclusion of the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller is great news for the United States.

Attorney General William Barr released a four-page summary of Mueller's findings Sunday, which said the wide-ranging investigation found no evidence of collusion by Trump's 2016 campaign with the Russian government.

Here is Rep. Bergman's entire statement, posted on Facebook:

"Special Council (sic) Robert Mueller's findings of no collusion with Russia by President Trump or his campaign is great news for our country, and comes as no surprise to many First District constituents.

"Two years and tens of millions of dollars later, it's time we move past the division, come together as Americans and accept the outcome of the 2016 election, while working together to ensure positive outcomes for the constituents of our great nation.

"I will continue working with President Trump and his Administration to deliver on our promises and advance First District priorities: expanding broadband access, conserving our natural resources, cutting burdensome regulations, rebuilding our infrastructure, ensuring Veterans receive the care they've earned, and providing our men and women in uniform with the tools necessary to be the most ready and lethal force in the world."

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