New details emerge in Regan, Cochran murder case national TV feature

 Kelly Cochran (Michigan Department of Corrections image)
Kelly Cochran (Michigan Department of Corrections image) (WLUC)
Published: Nov. 15, 2017 at 2:34 PM EST
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A national television show shed new light Wednesday on an Iron River murder. The hour-long episode of Crime Watch Daily focused on Christopher Regan's 2014 death and the case against Kelly Cochran.

In the national spotlight six months after receiving a life prison sentence, Cochran's story was laid out with interviews and videos of interrogations.

"Don't let this smile fool you," said host Chris Hansen.

Investigators say Cochran and Regan worked together in Iron River. She was married and having an affair with Regan, but as he was about to move to North Carolina, Regan went to the Cochran house in Oct. 2014. Regan's ex-girlfriend says she never heard from him again and reported his disappearance to Iron River police.

Lead investigator and former chief Laura Frizzo eventually used a psychic medium to approach the case in a different way.

"I mean, I'd try anything," Frizzo told Crime Watch Daily.

The pyshic medium went to the Cochran home.

"This is where I saw that Chris had been attacked," said Laurie Stimpson, whose vision matched Cochran's story.

Frizzo also explained how Hobart, Indiana police detective Jeremy Ogden got information out of Cochran.

"She was so attached to him because he was actually able to do to him what she does to everyone else," said Frizzo.

Cochran explained what she and her husband did to Regan.

"So he completely dismembered Chris in the basement?" Ogden asked.

"I've had two men die in my arms in two years," Cochran later said.

"I know that," Ogden replied.

A non-chalant Cochran, taking breaks for cigarettes and pizza, later led investigators to Cochran's skull in the Iron County woods.

Recalling that moment, Frizzo got emotional.

"I got right down on my hands and knees and looked at him," she said, wiping away tears.

Frizzo also told Crime Watch Daily about her relationship with Detective Ogden.

"We started seeing each other during the investigation and we've been together since then," she said.

Cochran was convicted after a nearly three-week jury trial in Feb. 2017. She did not do an interview with the show, after saying she would, at her prison in Ypsilanti.

"She hung up," reporter Ana Garcia said.

Cochran still faces a murder charge for the death of her husband. No court date has been set. Police have not released any information about other murders Cochran says she's committed.