Refreshing event for veterans at VR Arcade in Marquette

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Friday afternoon, a special event was hosted at Edge of Reality VR Arcade for veterans.

Veterans had the opportunity to check out the equipment and learn about resources that are provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs to them throughout the Upper Peninsula.

It also was an opportunity for them to interact and mingle with other veterans.

Organizers of this event say it's important to do this to allow veterans to come in and be in a relaxed environment, without having a lot of information thrown at them, but for veterans to ask questions as they come.

"This also is a resource. A lot of times guys won't have a really good way to relate to other people in their community,” said Adam Skidmore, who served as a Combat Engineer with the First Calvary Division in Afghanistan. “They'll be still closed off, still trying to think about the military mindset, so the opportunity to get out and try something new and develop a set of friends that isn't necessarily always a veteran is a really good opportunity."

If veterans have any further questions, they're asked to contact the Iron Mountain VA Medical Center at 906-774-3300.

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