Reese’s celebrates Halloween with outrageous new product

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ROYAL OAK, Mich. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Reese’s, America’s #1 Halloween candy brand, surprised fans today with an outrageous unveiling and exclusive sampling of its latest and greatest innovation, Reese’s Outrageous Bars.

Reese’s Outrageous Bars explode with texture and flavor, complete with caramel and crunchy Reese’s Pieces candy surrounding creamy peanut butter and covered in smooth milk chocolate. Reese’s Outrageous Bars won’t debut until May 2018, but today, Royal Oak, Mich. got the first bite when the brand invaded the town’s local Halloween event with an outrageous unveiling and 30,000 samples of the new Outrageous bar, one of its largest sampling events ever.

Like the Reese’s brand, Royal Oak is known for Halloween. For more than 30 years, the town has closed down its main street to dazzle and delight thousands of families with its annual trick-or-treating extravaganza, Spooktacular. In 2015, The Daily Meal named Royal Oak the no. 2 town for trick-or-treating, so, when the Reese’s brand heard about Royal Oak’s legendary Halloween celebration, it knew this town would share its appreciation for something outrageous.

“It is in Reese’s DNA to take it to the next level, so giving the exclusive first taste of Reese’s Outrageous Bars to our fans in Royal Oak during Spooktacular seemed like the perfect time and place!” said Ryan Riess, Senior Brand Manager of the Reese’s Brand. “What could be more outrageous than pairing the country’s favorite Halloween candy brand with one of the country’s most festive and already outrageous Halloween celebrations?”

Over the past few weeks, the Reese’s brand slowly invaded Royal Oak with mysterious clues popping up leading up to the event. Reese’s Pieces-inspired dots popped up on the sidewalks, a larger-than-life mural appeared overnight and an empty storefront was suddenly cloaked in secrecy as a clock appeared to countdown to the annual Spooktacular.

Spooktacular arrived. Attendees gathered at the covered storefront as the clock struck zero. Cannons erupted with Reese’s-colored confetti and a drum line made its way down Main Street as the curtain fell away. The reveal? New and exclusive Reese’s Outrageous Bars for all.

“Our annual Spooktacular is a time-honored tradition close to our hearts here in Royal Oak,” said Mike Fournier, Mayor of Royal Oak, Mich. “Friends, families, local businesses and town officials gather every year to experience and celebrate this delightful and joyous Halloween event. Partnering with the Reese’s brand this year has made it our most outrageous yet!”

Reese’s Outrageous Bars are the latest in a line of recent innovations, including the wildly popular Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups launched in May 2016 and Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups that hit store shelves in May 2017. The new Reese’s Outrageous Bars will be available nationwide beginning in May 2018 in a 1.4 oz. standard bar (SRP $1.09), a 2.95 oz. King-size (SRP $2.09) and a 10.5 oz. bag (SRP $3.89).

However, don’t fret over a seven month wait, because this is not the last you will see of Reese’s Outrageous before May 2018. As any truly outrageous fan knows, the Reese’s brand never disappoints when it comes to taking it to the next level. Keep an eye out for even more outrageous celebrations and surprises coming your way later this year and in early 2018.

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