"Punt, pass and play" at Michigan Tech

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Copper Country Great Start Collaborative and BHK Child Development invited families out to have fun in a different way.

Parents and children arrived at Michigan Tech's campus this morning for “Punt, Pass and Play”, the first of its kind.

Children spent one-on-one time playing with Michigan Tech football players and learning some techniques.

Organizers say these activities help children build their social skills later in life.

"It's been a good turnout so far,” said Copper Country Great Start Collaborative Director, Iola Brubaker. “The football team has been excellent having plenty of people here to make sure that each child has an individual football player to engage with them. We appreciate the team's willingness and helpfulness, and just their great attitudes about playing with the kids."

Parents are encouraged to visit the treehouse indoor playground in Houghton for more information on events.