Protesters outside Gladstone's American Legion

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - Several times over the past few weeks protesters have been seen picketing outside of the American Legion Post in Gladstone.

Those protesters say they are marching against what they call the unfair dismissal of the legion's bar manager.

They claim that the legion's executive committee eliminated the position of bar manager altogether after the women who held the positions came to them with undisclosed issues regarding the establishment.

The protesters feel that the committee acted unfairly and that the membership needs to be made aware of the situation.

The two sides have a meeting planned Wednesday night to hopefully resolve the issue.

Rand Bruntjens is a spokesman for the protesters.

"We wanted this meeting so she could voice her side of the story. The decision was made with just the one side of the legion. Throughout all of this, several of us have been banned from the club. Some of us Purple Heart veterans were banned for 90 days."

Other than confirming the meeting, officials with the American Legion in Gladstone had no comment.