Protecting our Great Lakes by all means

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Living nearby Lake Superior, many people are able to enjoy its beauty in many ways whether it’s sitting close by listening to its waves, kayaking or even playing in the sand.

"The water is the biggest resource we have not only for recreation and for industry but it's my feeling that water is going to be the next oil,” said a group of visitors from Traverse City.

But what would it mean if we were to lose this precious resource?

"If we were to lose it, it would be catastrophic not only to Michigan but probably to the nation,” exclaimed the group.

"You cannot live without freshwater, and 84% of the nation’s freshwater is in the Great Lakes,” explained Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat of Michigan.

This is why Governor Whitmer along with other Great Lakes Governors from Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin announced Wednesday at Clark Lambros Park in Marquette their action to protect the state’s quality of life through the Great Lakes 2020 Presidential Agenda.

"I'm hoping that we can encourage everyone person running for president, whether they're a current occupant of the White House, or one of the challengers to embrace the Great Lakes Agenda,” said the Michigan Governor.

In this six-step platform, she's calling for candidates to make the Great Lakes and those who live by it a priority throughout their term.

"That this is something that transcends party line and state boundary, that this is critical to the future of our economy, our future health and our ability as a nation to protect this incredible resource that is home here in the Great Lakes,” explained Governor Whitmer.

This way everyone living in Michigan can continue living their life in peace and comfort knowing their treasure is safe.

"She's a breath of fresh air. She comes with all kinds of ideas to try and keep this beautiful resource, which is why we moved to Traverse City so we could enjoy the water which is why we're up here so we can enjoy the water,” said a member of the group.

To learn more about the Great Lakes 20202 Presidential Agenda, visit this link .