Proposed Marquette ordinance would ban marijuana establishments for now

Pixabay (MGN)

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette City Commission could move closer Monday to prohibiting marijuana establishments in the city for now.

According to the agenda for Monday night's meeting, many Michigan municipalities have enacted an opt-out ordinance to allow time for the Department of Regulatory Affairs to establish rules, and then evaluate whether to allow some or all of the types of marijuana businesses to operate in the city.

City of Marquette administration recommends this same approach by adopting an ordinance to prohibit marijuana establishments in the city at this time.

Michigan voters approved Proposal 1 in November, which legalized recreational marijuana. It allows people 21 and older to grow and use marijuana products. It also gives each municipality the ability to determine whether to allow or prohibit marijuana establishments within its boundaries.

Municipalities can allow establishments in the future. The City of Marquette says this proposed ordinance would create some short-term stability and gives the city the time necessary to establish local procedures that follow the desires of the commission.

At Monday night's commission meeting, commissioners are expected to schedule a public hearing for its next regular meeting on the ordinance.

The Marquette City Commission held a work session in January to listen to public comments about marijuana establishments.

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