Proposals for Peter White Public Library on ballots in five different service areas

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Peter White Public Library is facing a loss in revenue of $140,000 over the next year and a half. They attribute this loss to multiple factors, mainly the closure of the W.E. Energies plant, and U.P. Health System Marquette's upcoming move.

"When that happens the library will lose revenue because the taxes paid by the hospital will go to pay off the Brownfield construction," said library director Andrea Ingmire.

In the city of Marquette, Chocolay Township, and Sands Township, the library is seeking a Headlee Amendment override. The Headlee Amendment lowered the millage amount for the library. The override will reverse that. If it were to pass in Chocolay Township, the library would see around $58,000 in revenue.

"It would be to a full mill,” said Chocolay Township Manager Jon Kangas. "So you take the .7285 mills and add .2716 mills."

Part of the mileage for the city of Marquette would go to Brownfield, but the library says that's just a small amount.

"The library will still receive over $87,000 of revenue from city votes if it is to pass," said Ingmire.

In Marquette Township, residents will vote on a renewal of service, keeping their mileage at .9061 mils. In Powell Township, residents will vote to have library services, which they have been without since 2014 when their renewal failed to pass.

"We have a lot of folks who live up there who find the library important and they would like to be able to have library services like our other townships," said Ingmire.

The library is optimistic that all ballot proposals will pass, and are looking forward to their continued growth.

"That's really what this whole November ballot slate is about,” said Ingmire. “How can we expand what we're doing? How can we offer more to the folks who are on the outer lying areas of our community and how can we make the library services the best that they can be?"

Election Day is this upcoming Tuesday, November 6. For more information on any of the ballot proposals concerning the Peter White Public Library, click here.

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