Portion of Marquette County Road KCG to be officially abandoned

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette County Road Commission unanimously approved an action item to abandon a stretch of County Road KCG on Monday.

"The road hasn't been basically used or maintained for 40 years now. There's a culvert that had washed out about 40 years ago, neighbors in the area have petitioned to abandon it," says Kurt Taavola, director of engineering for the MCRC, of the Powell Township road.

A petition introduced by neighbors in 2019 called for the .69 mile stretch of road to be officially abandoned - a money saving measure for both taxpayers and the county.

"Well if we weren't going to abandon it, we'd have to replace the culvert there and it would be very costly to replace the culvert because it'd be a pretty big culvert according to today's standards," says Taavola.

That culvert washed out decades ago, making the road completely impassible.

The cost to replace it with an acceptable bridge could range from $200,000-800,000, depending on the size of infrastructure needed.

The measure will officially be signed, pending easements from the three property owners on that portion of the road, all of which were in favor.