Portage Township trustees sign agreement with Houghton City

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PORTAGE TOWSNHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Portage Township trustees voted unanimously to sign a 425 agreement with the City of Houghton on Wednesday. The 425 agreement signs eight acres of land over to the city for a period of 40 years.

The land is located on the corner of Green Acres Road and M-26 just south of Houghton. It is one of three adjoining properties Meijer wishes to develop for a store, gas station and parking lot. The purpose of the 425 is to simplify taxation and services to any developer on the site.
The vote came after lengthy discussion and public input.

"Put your heads together. Work together and bring the Meijer's store here. If you have to give and take a little bit like most government bodies do, do so. Keep your own interests in mind, but keep ours also, please," said Calumet Township resident David Kroenke.

Trustees plan to continue negotiations with Meijer and the city over the development. Development includes Meijer's use of a new sewage line previously planned for Green Acres Road.

The township desires Meijer pay for the township's costs for the line, estimated at $906,000. Township trustees also wish to renegotiate Houghton City's penalties on sewage overages.

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